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Quality Gemstone and Handcrafted Clay Jewelry


Richard and I

Richard and I


Welcome to my Song Sense Jewelry’s Blog where my job is to help guide you to the many wonderful choices for jewelry you’ll find here, and how each one might speak to you.  And I’ll introduce you to me, the designer.  When I make a piece I leave an essence of my spirit within it.  All of my jewelry is made with your comfort in mind.  No wires hanging out of your necklace to scratch your neck.  I run my fingers along the beads to make sure they are not sharp.  In most of my necklaces, I even place small, smooth beads in the back so there’s no irritation behind there.  All bracelets and necklaces securely connect.  Most with magnetic clasps, so nothing is likely to fall off.  The materials I use are high-quality.



This includes:

sterling silver

gold filled or gold plated clasps and findings

genuine gemstones

handmade lampwork

Czech beads

Swarovski crystals

polymer clay



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My son, Daniel Traylor. He’s an actor too!

The sense of awe I find in new lampwork beads or the struggle of putting on a clasp all has me totally engaged and pain-free.  When I’m finished creating a piece, I can sense myself within it.  In writing the description I contemplate how I’ve created its uniqueness just for you.  You are reflected in my jewelry, the perfect match for your lifestyle.  Whether it’s the colors, the texture, the shape, or just the mood I was in, that handcrafted piece of jewelry is an expression of my creative spirit coupled with how I see it, in turn, expressing you.




Multigem clay pendant necklace

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If you ask me what my crowning achievements in life have been, I’d include the birth of my son of course, working a full-time job for 27 years, snow skiing, roller skating, mountain repelling, designing and creating jewelry, even co-founding a theater group and portraying some covetous roles on stages of the prestigious Denver Center for the Performing Arts.  Nothing too amazing in those acts.  Except I grew up in a time when I was told I couldn’t do them.

I always wanted to be an actress.  Even as a small child I would choreograph my own pieces, wearing long nightgowns trailing behind me to disguise the leg I was missing.   My favorite song to dance to was “Cathy’s Clown” by The Everly Brothers.  I’d start in my little green rocking chair and rock to the beat.  Then glide to the floor with a couple of spins for a splendid finish!


Me when I was a cute toddler



My first leg was amputated when I was 9 months old as a result of a condition called Amniotic Band Syndrome.  I would have my remaining leg amputated at 16 years old when numerous surgeries could not make it viable.  The condition also affected my spine, hips and pelvis, hand, heart and other internal organs.  By the time I was 17, I’d had 26 surgeries.  But I still wanted to do those dances!  So in 1989, four friends and I would go on to form a theatre group for performers with disabilities called PHAMALY.  I soared on that stage, discovering things about myself I never knew!  I played everything from a Jewish mother to a conjoined twin.


Carnelian and polymer clay necklace

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Then in 2007, I began having intolerable pain.  I couldn’t sit without it hurting.  And since I was in a wheelchair full-time, this limited my activities.  I could endure it for 20 minutes, sometimes up to an hour, before the pain would demand I lay down.  Suddenly my time was not my own.  It was a difficult life change to adapt to, given that I was used to being active.  And, I was an actress!  What was I going to do with all this creative energy?









Me as Golde




Eventually, I had to take an early disability retirement from my job of 20 years at the University of Colorado Medical School.   And I had to give up my stage work.  I was devastated.  I attempted two shows after my retirement.  BEAUTY AND THE BEAST in 2010, where I played Mrs. Potts, and FIDDLER ON THE ROOF in 2013, where I was Golde.   It was difficult and I was so preoccupied with pain, half the time I couldn’t remember my lines.  The cast and crew were so understanding and accommodating.  But I couldn’t continue to do theatre that way.  My performances were negatively affected.   This was not the actress I wanted to be remembered as!




Polymer clay bracelet and necklace set

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But I found something to do with that creative energy!  I call it Song Sense Jewelry!  Please visit MY SHOP!  CLICK HERE!







Me as Mrs. Potts in BEAUTY AND THE BEAST

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