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A Case for Handmade Jewelry

Jewelry has always been important to people who loves to accessorize.  One special piece can take an ordinary outfit from humdrum to dazzling.

There are many variations of handmade jewelry that stands out because of their uniqueness.

  • Beaded
  • Carved
  • Filigreed
  • Sculpted
  • Engraved
  • Sequined
  • Knitted
  • Painted
  • and more

Various techniques for handcrafted arts are being experimented with everywhere.

Handmade jewelry makers utilize many types of metals, gemstones, clay, and other multimedia into their work.  Song Sense Jewelry uses polymer clay because it can be made to look like other material such as leather and metal.  I also use genuine gemstones because of their healing work.  Many people subscribe to the healing of gems and crystals for ailments and life issues.  Gemstones are also used because of their heirloom quality.  A birthstone bracelet can be handed down to a daughter or granddaughter years later.

Other materials I work with are:

  • lampwork beads
  • glass beads
  • Swarovski crystals
  • sterling silver
  • gold-filled and gold-plated
  • brass
  • copper
  • leather
  • shell
  • wood
  • and more

Compared to mass-produced jewelry, handmade jewelry is involved much more with culture, humanity and history. The Tibetan necklace “The Re-Cycles of Life” uses beads from Tibet.  And much of the sterling silver I use is from the Karen Hill Tribe that I bought in 2009, and continue to buy from to this day.

You’re also looking for a story.  At the Raisins and Almonds Celebration last week, a woman was taken with one of my pieces.  She asked, “What’s it’s story?”  That’s another thing that sets handcrafted jewelry apart from manufactured jewelry.  Why was that piece made?  Does it have a name and why was it named that?  There’s something very personal to the artist about handmade jewelry that they pass on to you.  I always tell my client that I’m happy my piece is going to a good home.  It’s like a child to me.

I wrote about the creation story of the piece mentioned above, “The Re-Cycles of Life,” in another Post in this Blog.  It wanted to be made a certain way and I didn’t fight it.  Look for the stories.

Also, you know how awkward it is when you go somewhere and someone is wearing the same thing as you are?  That will never happen with handmade products, especially Song Sense Jewelry.  I never copy a piece.  Everything is always original.  Your piece will be the only one like it!

Finding a gift for loved ones or special events such as a bridal shower is never easy. If you want to give an unforgettable present, you might want to consider handmade jewelry.

Or design something for yourself.  My friend Teri helped design her own bracelet.  We found beads to match the amethyst in her wedding ring and then I suggested adding white moonstone beads.  The result was stunning.  She’s very happy with her new “Bridal Bracelet”!

Price is always a concern. The price for handmade jewelry varies depending on the material and time it takes to complete a project.  Designing and completing a piece with polymer clay takes more time than putting together a pattern for beads and stringing them.  But, gemstones, lampwork beads and sterling silver are more expensive than clay, so the price often evens out to be the same.  Some artists can charge prices commensurate with their level of artistry.  Song Sense Jewelry is just starting out.  So I only charge $10 for my time, regardless of how much time I spend on a project.  This is also needed since I require frequent pain breaks and have to come back to the project.  So sometimes it takes me a bit longer to complete.

The most important thing to remember when shopping for handmade jewelry is that you are looking for uniqueness. I believe Song Sense Jewelry has that.  Whether you are looking for something to accent a dress for a special occasion or a unique gift for a loved one, try handmade Song Sense Jewelry and make the memory timeless.


My Silver Tibetian Necklace and How it Came to Be

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