A Home for Pain

When I’m in pain I go to my jewelry table and play with beads and/or clay.  Sometimes nothing comes of it.  Sometimes I’m just too distracted to get distracted!  I’ve told many that I meditate when I create jewelry, but I’ve never explained what I mean by that.  I have to somehow get good with my pain.  I don’t look at pain as something that is punishing me or “Why me after everything else?”  I used to.  But I realized that pain is a good thing to have around.  Without it, I wouldn’t be aware that something was out of kilter in the first place.  Pain also keeps me away from danger.  It won’t let me keep my hand on that hot pan too long!

Me workingSo I created a place for my Pain to retire to when it wants to that is made especially for It.  It has all the comforts of home.  About a year ago, I did a ceremony and introduced my Pain to its new Home and told It that this place was much more comfortable than being with me when I was miserable.  That maybe it would like to visit here sometimes.  It sounds really silly.  But it was all about what I believed!  I had given my Pain a personality and character.  Now it had a Home!  It was working.  But I couldn’t get Pain to stay in its Home for very long — five minutes at most.

That’s when I brought the idea to the jewelry table.  I talked with my Pain and walked with It to Its Home, sat inside the house with It.  At the same time, I played with my clay, much as I used to play with Play-Doh as a child.  I was cutting and conditioning the clay.  Mixing colors and making shapes.  But at the same time, I was talking with my Pain.  I made friends with my Pain.  I didn’t forbid it from being with me.  I thanked it for being with me when I needed It.

Clay triangle pendant

Unisex Polymer Clay Necklace, Arrow Pendant Necklace, Statement Necklace, Unique Gemstone Jewelry, “The Point”

When my piece was finished I was astounded at how beautiful it was!  And that I got through the entire process without taking a break.  I stayed with my Pain without feeling pain.  And I created something gorgeous.  I don’t remember much of the process of making this piece.  I know I created the “shell” separate from the inside.  But I have no memory of the mixing of the colors.  Or making the bail.  I was so lost in my meditation.

So I keep on making jewelry!  I can’t wait to get out of bed every day to return to the table and see what I’ll create that day!  And to enjoy the time I have where I’m not IN pain, but with Pain.

Check out other pieces of jewelry that Pain and I have created HERE!

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