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Then in 2007, I began having intolerable pain.  I couldn’t sit without it hurting.  And since I was in a wheelchair full-time, this limited my activities.  I could endure it for 20 minutes, sometimes up to an hour, before the pain would demand I lay down.  Suddenly my time was not my own.  It was a difficult life change to adapt to, given that I was used to being active.  And, I was an actress!  What was I going to do with all this creative energy?

Eventually, I had to take an early disability retirement from my job of 20 years at the University of Colorado Medical School.   And I had to give up my stage work.  I was devastated.  I attempted two shows after my retirement.  BEAUTY AND THE BEAST in 2010, where I played Mrs. Potts, and FIDDLER ON THE ROOF in 2013, where I was Golde.   It was difficult and I was so preoccupied with pain, half the time I couldn’t remember my lines.  The cast and crew were so understanding and accommodating.  But I couldn’t continue to do theatre that way.  My performances were negatively affected.   This was not the actress I wanted to be remembered as!

But I found something to do with that creative energy!  The process of jewelry-making actually allows me to meditate, affirming myself pain-free. And it works!  I call it Song Sense Jewelry!

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