Amethyst slice necklace with rhinestones on gemstone chain

Birthstone Story: “Phantom Gem” Amethyst Necklace

Amethyst Slice Pendant Necklace – “Phantom Gem”

The amethyst, when forming, begins blooming crystal protrusions, as though building some complex structure. These blooms suddenly stop, seemingly without a finalized product. Kind of the way I developed. But we are not broken, just designed to develop in that manner.

Amethyst slice necklace with rhinestones and gemstone chainI’ve named this elegant necklace “Phantom Gem,” with respect for the phantom pain I was experiencing in my residual limb while working on it. It features an amethyst slice from Brazil bejeweled with rhinestones by The Janas Treasures. The amethyst slice displays an exquisite golden band to form a piece with a romantic vibe. The necklace is finished by Song Sense Jewelry with a chain of shimmering amethyst and antique silver beads, with Swarovski crystal accents to add more eye-catching sparkle.

Coordinate this necklace with any ensemble from business casual to everyday wear. “Phantom Gem” is only $65 (special discount for Blog subscribers). SOLD OUT

I wonder if the amethyst is conscious beyond where its crystals end?

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Necklace Length: 25″

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Love the necklace!! Beautiful colors!!