Calling Any Readers!

I haven’t posted in a while because quite frankly, I don’t think anyone is reading my Blog.  And I don’t know if I should be writing for the release of writing or to share my stories.  If it’s for the release of writing, I think I would write differently.

There are so many things I want to share with the world.  About jewelry and not.  I’m studying Mindfulness right now.  But would anyone want to know my thoughts on it and how I apply it to my art?

I actually am taking a break from making any art for a couple of weeks.  I’m focusing on Estate Sales right now.  I love Southwestern jewelry!  I turn around and resell it.  I find some really incredible deals.

HEY!  Does anyone hear me?!  If you do drop a line in the comment box below so I know whether to continue to write here or not.


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Richard Traylor
Richard Traylor

What did U say Sunshine of my life.