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How to Care for Song Sense Jewelry

Just like any jewelry, Song Sense Jewelry requires some special TLC to make sure it stands the test of time.  Here’s a list of care instructions to make sure your investment is here to pass along to the next generation.

  • Use a soft cotton cloth to polish your beaded jewels. A coarse cloth can scratch lampwork, glass, pearls, crystals and some metal beads.
  • Wipe body oils, makeup, and hairspray from jewelry after each wearing.  These call dull and damage your jewelry.
  • Put your jewelry on after you bathe, apply body lotion, perfume, or hairspray to avoid buildup and damage from ingredients used in beauty products.
  • Do not wear your jewelry swimming or in the bath/shower. Avoid wearing it around chlorinated pools and hot tubs, salt water, and mineral springs.
  • Make sure there is no new wire visible.  This could mean that your necklace or bracelet is not secure and will sooner or later fall apart.  Contact me to have your jewelry restrung before it breaks.  If it breaks while you’re wearing it, you could lose beads that are hard or impossible to replace.
  • Do not sleep with your jewelry on. This causes unnecessary stress on the components and will make them more likely to break.
  • Store your jewelry in a dry jewelry box or container with compartments to avoid dry rot and tarnish.  Avoid direct sunlight.
  • Use a gentle jewelry cleaner or a very mild soap and water solution to clean your beaded jewelry.  A soft toothbrush or special jewelry brush works well to clean sterling silver.
  • Use extra special care when cleaning color enhanced or delicate natural beads including turquoise, red coral, bone, and pearls.

If you need new jewelry to care for, be sure to check out my Shop HERE.

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