Me at the Chocolate Festival

Chocolate Festival Recap

Chocolate Festival

I now have my third jewelry festival (or would you call it the fourth, since this was a two-day festival?) under my belt.  I definitely had my bases covered with this one.  I planned and then planned again.  I even did mock-up sales with my son and boyfriend prior to the festival to make sure I wasn’t forgetting anything.  I purchased new labels for my boxes, prices tags with my logo, and flowers for the tables.  I printed signs for the tables and had a very pretty amethyst holder for my business cards.  Our booth was so pretty!

I made tons of new jewelry for the Festival.  So be sure to check out my Shop and see what’s new.  There are still 56 items in there and I’m constantly adding new pieces.

AIDA Watch

I even have a Limited Edition AIDA watch from the Broadway production still in the box that I’m selling for $65!  Check the internet and try to find one.  They are very rare.  I have no. 308 of 2000!  I cannot list it on Etsy because it’s not yet considered a vintage item.  So if you are interested, please contact me.  I will most likely list it on Ebay.  But I’m giving my Subscribers first pick.

With the items we had, we did quite well.  We sold six products!  That’s a record!  So at least the number is going up.  With lots of people taking business cards and indicating a desire to shop at their leisure.  And remember, this festival did not cost us (just a piece of jewelry).  So this was all profit.

Chocolate Bacon on a Stick

I was worried about how my body would hold out and how bad my pain would get.  But with all the activity and all the people coming to visit us, I made it work.  I took a few breaks throughout the day, as needed.  And I could not have done it without my model and assistant, Caitlin Sharshel, those two days.  Shout out for Ms. Caitlin!  Also, I need to thank my sister Cynthoni Galluzzi for her help completing some jewelry and packing booth supplies.  And of course, my boyfriend Richard and son Daniel deserve special credit for putting up with me during preparation.  No one has any idea what it takes to prepare for these festivals.  It’s a lot of work and a lot of materials start cluttering the house.  Not to mention the amount of time I was down because of pain.  Thank you guys for not minding stepping around boxes and other contraptions, and for supporting me through my most painful days.  I have a lot of alliances around me for which I’m very grateful.

I initiated my new “Text to Join” at the Festival so people could use their cellphones to subscribe to my Blog.  It seems it only worked on several occasions and when it didn’t work the people were either too frustrated or too embarrassed to ask for help.  Or simply didn’t really want to subscribe (Yikes!).  I need to figure out a solution to this.  But I did get some new subscribers.  Welcome, everyone!

Caitlin & I Recovering After the Festival

I can’t wait for another Festival!  I’m signed up for the Athena Goddess Festival in November.  But other than that, nothing is on the books yet.  I’m going to continue looking for places I can show my jewelry that are affordable.  Especially now that I have such a gorgeous setup!  If you hear of anything, please let me know!  I clearly have to recover from this one first!  If you weren’t there, you missed an amazing event.  One you don’t want to miss next year!  And if you were there, I hope you stopped by and checked out Song Sense Jewelry’s booth and said “Hi!”  To see new Shop items, be sure to check out my Shop HERE.

This was a Chocolate Festival after all and Caitlin and I ate tons of chocolate both days!  I’m surprised I still love chocolate.  My favorite was the chocolate dipped bacon.  That was an experience for your taste buds.

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