Polymer clay metal-look gold floral cuff held in a hand.

Coming Jewelry Trends for 2018

Haven’t written from my journal for a while.  I picked it up today, and the quote is from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, “The hardest thing to see is what is in front of your eyes.”  I thought I’d look at coming jewelry trends for 2018.

One of my favorite jewelry styles to do is statement pieces.  Big statement cuff bracelets and large, colorful abstract or spiritual pendants.  But I found they were too loud for most of my circle of friends.  So I put them aside and began working on smaller, daintier things, and made a few sales.

Textured cuff braceletPersonally, I’m drawn to the bigger pieces of jewelry, with lots of colors and interesting shapes.  And I can’t be the only one!  So at the Highlands Ranch Jewelry and Holiday Gift Fair, I was relieved to see my statement pieces getting some attention.   Someone else out there likes my BIG jewelry!

Are YOU one of those women?  Do you love to make people’s heads turn for a second look?  Do you like to channel royalty?  Do you wish to add personality to your wardrobe?  Me too!

I’m excited to see it’s what is right in front of my eyes!  Cuff jewelry is anticipated to be a hit here in the US next year!  It’s kind of my specialty.  I love making them!  Take a look at four I made this year.  And have tons of ideas for more!

This one is called “Exalted Flame”.  All that glitters is gold and this antiqued gold cuff bracelet is no exception to that rule! “Exalted Flame” is custom handmade in delicate detail. It is made from polymer clay and features an ornate raised floral design that is uniquely feminine. It has a custom patina in shades of gold, copper, bronze and black for slight shadowing and a look of metal forged in fire. The effect is sleek and sublime. It slips on the wrist with ease and is secured with a button clasp.  It can be worn with a fitted pantsuit or even a billowing summer dress on any occasion. No matter what you wear, this unique Song Sense creation is sure to steal the spotlight!  I had so much fun making this piece!  You can purchase it HERE for $32.

Jeweled cuff braceletThe next one is “Abayomi.”  Melding modern design and ancient inspiration, “Abayomi”, which means “Bringer of Happiness” in Egyptian, is for the woman who wants to be noticed. With a Song Sense bracelet on, this striking piece is sure to leave an impression on anyone she crosses paths with. Feminine and refined, with handcrafted exquisite detail, this bracelet is designed to be an heirloom. Whether she is the Czarina of her home or the Empress of her office, this is an extraordinary accessory. Sculpted to a length of 7.5″, and custom crafted by me, this unique design features green Cathedral beads down the center of the cuff that is crafted entirely of antique gold colored polymer clay.

Expertly constructed with notable women in mind, this piece evokes royalty, riches, and rulers. A great gift and special addition to any accessory collection.

You can purchase it HERE for $27.

Then there was this set which I never got around to naming.  I donated it to an auction to raise money for a friend’s Seizure Alert dog.matching necklace and bracelet with puppy print

And finally, a necklace and bracelet set. This one won that Name That Jewelry Contest with the name “Oasis.” I think it speaks to this piece wonderfully.  The dictionary defines Oasis as “something serving as a refuge, relief, or pleasant change from what is usual, annoying, difficult, etc.” This unique piece will definitely be a pleasant change from what is usual.Add a burst of color to your favorite outfit with this polymer clay bracelet from Song Sense.  Handmade in stylish detail with a ribbon incorporated into the clay. As a gift, it is sure to delight your recipient.  Polymer clay bracelet and cuff set with puppy printYou can purchase the set HERE for $51.

Also coming up for 2018 are statement necklaces.  Something else I like to do.  This is called “The Point.”

I have other statement pieces in my Shop.  Check them out here!  Get ready for 2018. Large polymer clay unisex pendant in black, gold, blue and green tones.


This one amazed me when I was done with it!  I had no idea what to expect at the end as I was in so much pain working on it.  I was meditating the entire time, letting my fingers “auto create.”  I’ve been trying to go to the jewelry table before I go to the medicine bottle and it seems to be working.  I’ve been able to cut down on my meds.  And if a project requires more involved focus, I wait until I’m doing moderately well and can give that focus.  And I take frequent breaks.

Evoke the spirit of our ancestors with this long arrow pendant or unisex polymer clay necklace from Song Sense. Handmade in artistic detail, “The Point” features an impressive hand-forged black frame that holds inlaid polymer clay tiles in shades of gold, green and teal in a stunning harmony of design. Suspended from a gemstone beaded chain, this is a handsome accessory for men and women. It is sure to make a statement when gifted to a loved one. It is an original Song Sense creation.  You can purchase it HERE for $37.

Tell me what you think of my predictions for coming jewelry trends in 2018 in the comment box below.

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