From Theatre to Beads

Not long ago my creativity was unleashed on the stage.  I miss the stress of coming up with an audition song and monologue.  Sitting in front of auditors and delivering my pieces, shaking in my wheelchair that feels suddenly so isolated.  Coming to callbacks and taking in all the competition.  While at the same time, tears run down my face when I see someone do a song or read I know they are terrified to do.  I’m so proud of all my PHAMALY PHriends.  Old friends, and the new friends I knew I was going to make.

I’m known as the “Mother of PHAMALY.”  Even though I’m not there anymore, I hope I never lose that title.  I’m proud of it.  I was one that would welcome everyone and introduce them around.  I’d try to make them feel part of the PHAMALY as soon as I could.  I’d “hold their hand” if they were a bit scared.  I’d help the young ones with their readings.

Then it would come to my turn.  Hopefully, my song would be a good belt number.  I love to belt.  My favorite callback was for URINETOWN when I was cast as Ms. Pennywise.  I got to sing “It’s a Privilege to Pee,” and my body yearned for those belted notes!  Every cell came alive.  First time I heard that CD I wanted to perform that number, but never dreamed I would.  Figured it was not appropriate for a performance for the Mayor’s Breakfast or anything.  But then PHAMALY announced we were doing the show.  I prepared for that audition!

PHAMALY will be rehearsing for INTO THE WOODS soon.  I’m looking forward to seeing the show.

Now I deliberate over which beads to use in a necklace or bracelet, or what color clays to work with.  Or I ponder what to write in my Blog.   Still exciting when the product is finished.  I don’t get the standing ovations anymore though.  LOL!

Here’s a video montage a friend made of the PHAMALY theatre group I’d like to share.

Trentons phamaly video

You can find PHAMALY’s webpage HERE.

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