Highlands Ranch craft fair

Highlands Ranch Fall Craft Fair in Review

I’m still recuperating from the Highlands Ranch Fall Craft Fair last weekend.  What a great experience!  I struggled with some pain toward the middle of each day, but then that would go to the back of my mind when a potential customer would come by and compliment me on my artwork.

I had a lady come over that just had to have my Tibetan necklace!  It went so well with the shirt she was wearing!  She came back to my booth several times to say many people were complimenting her!

I also sold one of my favorite necklaces.  It was almost hard to see it go because I love it so much.  But I’m happy it’s going to a good home.  I love all of my jewelry, but some pieces build special places in my heart or I have special experiences with.  I loved this one simply because of its beauty.  The Fall colors of the citrine and brass are great for this season too.

Saw other people’s work too that I was inspired by.  Saw a lady that works with teenie tiny beads and makes gorgeous necklaces.  Don’t know if my eyes can handle those beads though.  But I’m going to try.  Perhaps Daniel or his boyfriend Dale can help me string the beads!

I also met Kari Crist, the president of the Polymer Clay Guild, a group that meets to discuss, learn and share polymer clay ideas and techniques.  I’m definitely going to join the Guild!  They are going on a retreat this weekend.  Have to decide if I can handle something that long yet.  I think I’m just going to go to a meeting first.

One of the cutest things to happen is that babies want to sit on my lap in my wheelchair!  I held four babies at this Fair!  Two with bright red hair and green eyes (not related).  All were so adorable!  And of course, they’re all drawn to my joystick.  I had to be sure to turn my wheelchair off, or they would have had me zooming around the marketplace at top speed! I had so much fun with them though,  I wanted to become their adopted grandma!

I did great on sales, even though it snowed on Sunday and there was a Bronco game!  All in all it was a wonderful experience and I can’t wait until the Athena Festival next month!



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