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How I’m Using OrangeTwig to Sell My Jewelry

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In this world of social media and digital marketing, I was left behind.  I’m not very tech savvy.  In fact, I’m still stuck in the year 2000 when it comes to computers.  So when I decided to sell my jewelry online I was confused by all the options being thrown at me.  I had my Etsy shop and that’s pretty automatic.  I think there are even things in there that I’m probably missing because I don’t understand them.

But I wanted to market my jewelry.  I had a nice collection.  I just needed people to see it!

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Then I came across a wonderful marketing app called OrangeTwig.  It automatically designs and schedules compelling social media posts in seconds.  And then posts them to Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Tumblr.  I could never figure out how to do that myself.  Especially the scheduling part!  The posts are artistic and professional, and they compliment my photography.  They also offer an onsite chat to help with any issues you have.  Very helpful for us unsavvy with the computer!

While I’m not proficient on any of these programs yet, I’m benefiting in most in perceptible ways:

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    I get an average of 67 Likes on Facebook each month.  That’s a rise from 4-6.

  • I now have 161 Followers on Instagram.  Not a huge amount, but it grows every day.  And I’m learning new hashtags to add that help to increase that number.   That’s a rise from 0.
  • I get rePinned on Pinterest.
  • My Posts get numerous retweets on Twitter (avg 12-15).  And I have fun commenters to talk with about my Posts.  A rise from 0.
  • One I do not see much traffic from is Tumblr.  But I’m not active on there either.
  • My Etsy stats have increased exponentially since I’ve used OrangeTwig.  My number of visits in June 2018 was 674.  June 2017 was 57.  A huge increase in traffic since I’ve been using OrangeTwig!
  • Finally, my sales have almost doubled last year’s sales and it’s only July!

If you are interested in checking out OrangeTwig, click HERE!



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