Polymer pendant in silver with swirls, leaves, flowers, an orange glass inlay, and silver tree coin. with ribbon chain.

Inspiration! – First Piece

Today’s quote is a Chinese Proverb. One well known!   “Each journey starts with the first step.”  This is my “first step,” my very first piece made of clay.

I remember the first piece I made of polymer clay.  I saw a pin on Pinterest that inspired me.  So I set to work.  I put in a little sterling silver tree charm and an orange and green glass bead and began creating vines, swirls, and leaves around them.  But I didn’t know when to stop!  I messaged my niece, Lizzie, to ask her to look at some photos and give me her opinion.  On her advice, I finally halted my work.  I wonder how many vines, swirls, and leaves that pendant would have now if she hadn’t stopped me?!  It wasn’t anything to write home about, but I was having so much fun trying out some techniques I’d seen on YouTube.  And Lizzie said she loved it.  I think she said that so she wouldn’t hurt her Aunt’s feelings.  It was a bit gaudy.  I actually hope she never wears it.  LOL!  It’s kind of embarrassing.  But I learned a lot about clay work with that piece.  And it was my first step into a passion that has grown with each day!  I also discovered how healing jewelry creating can be.  I have chronic pain, which I have to medicate for.  I can only sit in my wheelchair for a short time.  Making my creating time precious to me.  But I found that I could meditate while I was creating.  I could imagine myself “above” my pain.  I discovered I was missing medication doses!  My meditations would be conversations with God.  I would affirm that I was healthy and pain-free long enough to complete a project.  I invite God to take the reigns when I get interrupted by a stab, a cramp, or an ache.  And sometimes I’m surprised by the end result!  Some of my pieces have come together almost like magic!  The Unisex Necklace I made was like that.  I got lost in my meditation/conversation.  I was a bit astounded when I saw the finished piece.  It really is beautiful.  And all of it started with this piece!

p.s. Thanks to my dear Lizzie!  Who knows!?  I could still be working on this piece had you not told me it was finished!

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