Polymer clay lavendar moon with gold rose in the center, and amethyst beaded chain.

Inspiration! Jewelry Design Mistake

My son gave me a new Journal today entitled “Be Inspired.”  It has quotes on each page.  Its a diverse collection of quotes by people such as Milton Berle, Vincent van Gogh, Lao Tzo, and Julie Andrews.  I’m looking forward to sharing with you my thoughts about each quote in how it relates to my jewelry and to my life.

The first one is appropriate.  It comes from Albert Einstein: “A person who never made a mistake never tried anything new.”  Well, I probably wouldn’t even be here had I not kept trying!  Just getting my Blog up and running has been a challenge.  But let’s talk about jewelry, shall we?

I frequently make mistakes with my jewelry.  Just yesterday I made a necklace for someone and misinterpreted the buyer’s request.  I had to start completely over.  I was a bit frustrated with myself, to begin with, but while working on the second piece,  I had an epiphany for the design that resulted in a necklace more suitable to the buyer’s needs!  She wanted something for a “Stevie Nicks Tribute” she’s performing.  I simply couldn’t wrap my head around what “Stevie Nicks” style necklace would look like that still was in keeping with my aesthetics.  The first piece is beautiful, but it didn’t speak “Stevie Nicks” at all.  It turned out there was a third gemstone, Lapis Lazuli, that the buyer wanted in her necklace, that I had missed.  Coming back to the drawing board, I knew I had no pendants in my inventory that met Stevie’s style of “bohemian-meets-rock ‘n’ roll.”  But she often wore “Moon” jewelry.  So I decided to design one from clay.  I texturized it with a Lisa Pevelka stamp.  Hit it with some purple, violet and pink mica to match the clients dress, and added bits of gold to give it some zing.  I found a little gold rose I had in my inventory and hung it next to the moon, so the moon surrounds the rose.  And with a strand of amethyst, citrine and lapis lazuli, hung with the clasp in front, to incorporate it as part of the focal,  I had a new necklace!  I think it Rocks!  I hope that the buyer will be delighted with this new design.  Happy mistake!  What do you think?

Glass circle pendant with citrine and fire agate beaded chain.

First Design

Polymer clay lavendar moon with gold rose in the center, and amethyst beaded chain.

Second Design


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