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Inspiration! My Dream

I have many dreams.  A dream for my son to have a successful future.  A dream for me and my boyfriend to have a fulfilling relationship.  A dreams for my Theatre company PHAMALY to go international.

But the dream that involves YOU is my dream to make jewelry for you!

Jewelry-making wasn’t on my “What I Want To Be When I Grow Up” list.  I never thought that I had a talent for it.  I admired people who did it and wished  I could do that.  But I never tried.  Not until my mother-in-law brought me beads.  Not until I picked up a block of clay.  The dream got planted when I touched those things.  All of the sudden I saw possibilities!  I saw art in my mind.

Today’s quote is “I dream of things that never were and say, ‘Why not?‘” by Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy.  Now, I look at carpet patterns and see a clay pendant.  I see a tree and see a pattern for a bracelet.  Earrings from a bird.  Jewelry ideas are everywhere for now!

The carpet, birds, and trees would look lovely in jewelry.  But YOU would look lovelier!  How may I fulfill YOUR dream?  What jewelry do you dream of yourself wearing?  Why not design something with me and have a Custom Piece made?  Click HERE to begin the process.

  • Are there particular gemstones you are drawn to (i.e., your family’s birthstones)?
  • Is there an object you would like to display with jewelry (i.e., Flower of Life)?
  • Is there a word or a phrase you would like to display with jewelry (i.e., “Dreams DO Come True!”?
  • Is there a pattern you’d like recreated in a piece of jewelry (i.e., alternating colors)?
  • Is there a small object you’d like created and placed on a dainty chain (i.e., a small clay moon)?
  • Would you like a statement piece made that will start conversations (i.e., an abstract piece of art)?
  • Perhaps you would enjoy a clay bracelet that has the look of leather?
  • Or something Steampunk?

My dream is to see my jewelry on EVERYONE!  I would like to see Holly Homemaker wearing my earrings, Office Olivia wearing one of my beaded statement necklaces, and Celebrity Cindy wearing my cuff bracelet.

For my Dream to come true, I have to make YOUR Dream come true!  Tell me your Dreams and I’ll get to work!  Use the CUSTOM JEWELRY ORDER FORM above to order something special or purchase something from my shop HERE.

And of course, all of the people wearing my jewelry will be subscribed to my Blog!  Now, how’s that for a Dream?

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