Amethyst necklace on a cut tree trunk

Inspiration – Opportunity!

The quote I picked is from Victor Chasles, French critic and man of letters (meaning a literate man), “The sure way to miss success is to miss the opportunity.”

Amethyst pendant sitting on wood

Amethyst Pendant

You ever have a great idea, but forget about it before you get a chance to try it? I’ve had a couple of ideas floating in my head lately, and instead of forgetting them, I wrote them down this time. Some of them soon made their way to a List of Goals for 2018. Oh Gosh! Those New Year’s Resolutions I was giving up for Lent are coming back to haunt me.

One of the most ambitious goals I set is a monthly Birthstone Story, with a Post and a new piece of jewelry featuring that month’s birthstone. If you get my Month in Review Newsletter, you read about my goals for this year already.

I’ve begun my search for unique pendants and beads for the Birthstone Story.  So far I found this brilliant pendant for sale on Etsy for my February inaugural piece (I missed January).  Because of the jagged edges of amethyst, the piece has a look of brokenness, making it all that more glamorous. Don’t know what I’m going to do with her yet.  But she will be the star of the show.  No big beads in her chain, I want dainty. She’s broken after all. Heeheehee.

aquamarine nuggets

Aquamarine Nuggets

For March, I purchased 1/2 a strand of aquamarine nuggets.  I’m planning a necklace with these beads.

I get most of my beads wholesale, so the prices are competitive.  I usually get more beads than I need for one project, so I have beads left to add to other projects or even to feature in.  I think these beads will accommodate one necklace though.

I had a dilemma with April’s birthstone.  DIAMONDS!?  How was I ever going to afford diamonds?!  I could use the alternative gemstones for April, opal or sapphire.  But I wanted to stick with tradition.  So I searched website after website until I decided on some dazzling sterling silver pave diamond wheel beads.  My plan for them is a bracelet featuring the wheels as spacers.  Because of their sparkle, I have no worries they’ll not be stealing the show.

Pave diamond wheel beads

Pave Diamond Beads

I’m excited to start on these projects!  Having goals that are set so far in advance is exciting.  My mind spins with the possibilities!

Tell me what you think of my Birthstone Story and what you think of the pendant and beads I bought. I want to hear from you!

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