Sterling silver dragonfly pendant with amethyst inset, and four-strand chain of lapis lazuli, garnet and amethyst.

Inspiration! Warrior Spirit

Today’s quote is by Vince Lombardi, “It’s not whether you got knocked down; it’s whether you get back up.”

I have a warrior spirit.  I have to use it quite often making jewelry.  I have to get back up and try again.  In fact, I’m working on a custom bracelet now that I started months ago.  I made one, but I neglected to ask the customer if she’d mind pearls in it. She did.  She was my first Custom Jewelry customer. I’m learning.  But I got to work on a second piece and put the first one in the Shop (cause it really was pretty). After the bracelet was strung,  I realized I did not have any more 4mm sterling silver jump rings. So I had to wait for an order to come in. They came in and I proceeded to attach the clasp when the bracelet broke.  Now I have to restring half of the four-strand bracelet. I will prevail! In fact, I’ve decided to restring the entire bracelet and see if I can use wire protectors so it will be stronger. I’ve never used them before and need to do some research.  Any other jewelers out there that want to chime in, my Warrior Spirit welcomes their comments.

But to give you some more background on me, I believe that Warrior Spirit has been there since inception, resisting what’s expected of me.  It’s like I’m writing about someone else. I’m actually in awe of the child I was. Even the fetus. When I was born, they sedated my mother for four days, waiting to see if I would die.  The doctor that delivered me consulted with a psychologist, saying, “It is the overwhelming wish of the OB/GYN team that the child passes.  The living hell she will put her parents through if she survives, far outweighs the temporary sadness they will feel if she passes now.”  This was in my medical record for me to see 26 years later.  There was something called Amniotic Band Syndrome that caused bands to form over me as I was developing.  My spine was almost a perfect “S”, my hips and pelvis were malformed, my heart and other organs were misplaced, my fingers were banded together on one hand, I had a “finger tag” on the base of my spine and on my hip, and both legs were bent almost beyond recognition.  But I can see myself in the womb, and I know I wanted to live.  I needed to be born!  There was something I had to do.

I believe that the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil mentioned in the Bible wasn’t a good or bad thing.  But a pivotal choice for us.  And by eating from it we were aware of the nature of duality.  We were in a “Garden of Eden” where all was perfect.  All love, joy, wisdom, peace, harmony, etc.  But we didn’t know what those things were.  We’d never experienced their opposites.  Do you think we’d understand hot if we never had cold?  Or peace if we never had war?  So I do believe I chose to be born with a disability to acknowledge the gifts that can be experienced with a body that is different from others.  And I’ve experienced many gifts (and not just the good parking spaces either!).

I survived, and I met the wonderful woman I called “Mommy!”  Only 17 years old herself, but ready to take on the world with me!  After hearing all wasn’t quite “10 toes and 10 fingers,” her only question was “Can I breastfeed her?”  I definitely got my Warrior Spirit from my mother!  There were many times over the years when I got knocked down.  Literally, when learning to walk on my first artificial limb.  My stepdad would chase me around the coffee table, and mom, sitting on the couch would stick her foot out to trip me on my way around.  Running, I’d fall. Giggling, I get back up and ask him to do it again!  My first lesson in learning to fall.  And learning to get back up.

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