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My son gave me a new Journal today entitled “Be Inspired.”  It has quotes on each page.  Its a diverse collection of quotes by people such as Milton Berle, Vincent van Gogh, Lao Tzo, and Julie Andrews.  I’m looking forward to sharing with you my thoughts about each quote in how it relates to my jewelry and to my life.

Inspiration!  Jewelry Design Mistake

Inspiration! Jewelry Design Mistake

My son gave me a new Journal today entitled “Be Inspired.”  It has quotes on each page.  Its a diverse collection of quotes by people ...
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Inspiration!  Warrior Spirit

Inspiration! Warrior Spirit

I have a warrior spirit.  I have to use it quite often making jewelry. In fact, I'm working on a custom bracelet now that I started months ago. I ...
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Inspiration! – First Piece

Inspiration! – First Piece

I remember the first piece I made of polymer clay.  I saw a pin on Pinterest that inspired me.  So I set to work.  I put in a little sterling ...
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Coming Jewelry Trends for 2018

Coming Jewelry Trends for 2018

I thought I'd look at coming jewelry trends for 2018. Cuff jewelry is anticipated to be a hit here in the US next year!  It's kind of my ...
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Inspiration! My Dream

Inspiration! My Dream

I have many dreams.  Today's quote is "I dream of things that never were and say, 'Why not?'" by Robert Fitzgerald Kennedy. Jewelry-making wasn't ...
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Pain, Let Me Introduce You to Jewelry

Pain, Let Me Introduce You to Jewelry

I have chronic pain. It’s morning.  I’m awake – again.  I’ve slept a few hours in a semi-upright position because my body doesn’t lay ...
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Inspiration!  New Beads

Inspiration! New Beads

Today's quote is "Too much of a good thing is wonderful" -Armistead Maupin (It's also attributed to Mae West and Liberace) Are my new beads too ...
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Inspiration – Opportunity!

Inspiration – Opportunity!

A goal I set for myself is to feature a Birthstone article and new piece of jewelry in my Blog each month. If you get my Month in Review Newsletter, ...
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