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Scan lovely, enhanced photographs of Song Sense Jewelry here.  Click on the photo to be taken to the Shop for pricing, additional photos, and information regarding the product.




Dragonfly Gemstone Bracelet, Dragonfly Amethyst Garnet Pearl and Lapis Lazuli Bracelet, "Advancing on Wings"

Polymer Clay and Swarovski Crystal Bracelet, Beaded Yin Yang Bracelet, Yin Yang Charm Bracelet, "A Perfect Pitch"

Unisex Lampwork and Black Onyx Bracelet - "The Almond Tree"

Jeweled Cuff Bracelet, Crystal Cuff Bracelet, Empress Bracelet, Antique Gold Bracelet, "Abayomi"

Embossed Cuff Bracelet, Gold Cuff Bracelet, Gold Women’s Bracelet, Tribal Art Jewelry, "Exalted Flame"

Polymer Clay Leather-Like Cuff Bracelet - "A Sparkling Breeze"

Men's Bracelet, Citrine and Black Agate Bracelet, "Yellow Jacket"

Large Polymer Clay Black Agate and Garnet Paw Print Bracelet - "Zotia's Print"

Large Black Agate and Moonstone Bracelet - "The News"

Sapphire Garnet and Moonstone Friendship Bracelet - Gemstone Bracelet - "Bestie"

Opal Tanzanite and Garnet Friendship Bracelet - Gemstone Bracelet - "BFF"

Czech Glass and Aquamarine Friendship Bracelet - Gemstone Bracelet - "Pookie"

Unisex Jasper Black Onyx and Sterling Silver Friendship Bracelet - "Bro"

Unisex Opal and Black Onyx Friendship Bracelet - Gemstone Bracelet - "The Bumblebee"

Designer Lampwork Beaded Necklace, Lampwork Amethyst and Jade Necklace, "Perfect Spice"

Tibetan Necklace - "Endless Wisdom"

Lampwork Amethyst and Honeystone Vintage Holly Hobbie Pendant Necklace - "The Sophisticated Holly"

Dragonfly Lampwork Beaded Necklace, Amethyst and Lampwork Necklace, "The Loyal Dragonfly"

Golden Glass Circle Pendant Necklace, Citrine and Fire Agate Beaded Necklace, "The Lunar Prayer"

Western Inspired Necklace, Belt Buckle Necklace, Clay Beaded Necklace, Polymer Clay Statement Jewelry,"Buckle Down"

Butterfly Moonstone and Amazonite Necklace, Butterfly Necklace,"Butterfly Effect"

Fire Agate and Citrine Polymer Clay Pendant - Gemstone Necklace - "After the Fire"

Beaded Necklace - Pearl and Swarovski Crystal Necklace - Polymer Clay Pendant Necklace - Polymer Clay Pendant Beaded Necklace, "A New Day"

Abalone Glass and Polymer Clay Necklace, Chryoprase Abalone and Crystal Necklace, Chryoprase Coral Hematite Necklace, "Chasing Waterfalls"

Vintage Paper Beads and Black Onxy Necklace, "Your Love"

Malachite and Silver Necklace, "The Enlightened Empathizer"

Polymer Clay Buckle Neclace - Polymer Clay, Wire Lace and Faux Pearl Necklace, "The Loop"

Music Note Charm Necklace, Treble Clef Charm Necklace, Beaded Music Note Necklace, "The Elated Voice"

Swarovski Crystal Pearl and Opalite Necklace, Polymer Clay Pendant Necklace, Beaded Necklace, "The Majestic Blossom"

Paw Print Necklace - "Zotia's Signature"

Citrine Brass and Polymer Clay Pendant, Citrine and Brass Necklace, Beaded Necklace, Pendant Necklace, "An Angel's Riddle"

Unisex Music-Themed Paper Beaded Necklace, "Paper Notes"

Amazonite Necklace - "Amazing Amazonite"

Silver Tibetan Necklace, Boho Chic Pendant, Designer Gemstone Jewelry, "The Re-Cycles of Life"

Unisex Polymer Clay Necklace, Arrow Pendant Necklace, Men’s Statement Necklace, Unique Gemstone Jewelry, "The Point"

Jasper Black Onyx and Peacock Feather Jewel Beaded Choker - "Peacock Wings"

Green Quartz Druzy Pendant and Jade with Amethyst Chain - "Snow Showers"

New Baby Necklace - Baby Feet Pendant - Beaded Necklace - Handmade Polymer Clay Pendant, "Pitter Patter"

Multicolored Clay Pendant and Carnelian Chain Necklace - "Once Upon a Song"

Multigem Polymer Clay Necklace - Gemstone Necklace - "Ice Candy"

Aquamarine and Moonstone Nugget Necklace - Gemstone Necklace - "Ocean Wave"

Leather Like Polymer Clay Necklace and Bracelet Set - "The Shadow Favor"

Lampwork Coral and Black Onyx Necklace Bracelet Set - "Quilts of Grace"

Polymer Clay Necklace and Bracelet Set, Women’s Statement Choker Necklace, Romantic Ribbon Necklace, Gift for Mom, "Oasis"

Vintage Native American Zuni Turquoise Necklace "Stone Face"

Vintage Navajo Turquoise Necklace, "Turquoise Nuggets"

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Richard Traylor

Today is my Moms Birthday. She has transitioned on to the continuing part of her journey. I would like to share something hear (not typo) that she has done for Kathleen. She would be so Happy at what she inspired Kathleen to do.
Mom. You would be so happy seeing what you inspired Kathleen to do. Every piece of jewelry she makes has a piece of you in it. Your gift has actually got her out of bed and doing something she loves to do. Again Thanks Mom for being you.

Marie DeSanto
Marie DeSanto

Beautiful work, Kathleen!