Carnelian necklace with multicolored clay pendant

Multicolored Clay Pendant and Carnelian Chain Necklace – “Once Upon a Song”

Carnelian necklace with multicolored clay pendantOne of my favorite CDs to listen to while I create is the musical BROOKLYN.  I attended the show five times while it was here in Denver!  And my favorite song from the show is “”Once Upon a Time.”

“Once Upon a Song” has that same lilting quality to it.  There’s a rhythm within it.  The pendant was made from three semi-identical slices of a clay cane I made, placed side by side.  If you look closely, you can see the three slices.

The chain is exquisite carnelian nuggets paired with tiny 4mm green Swarovski crystals that give just a peek of color.  Dare to dazzle with this radiant necklace by Song Sense Jewelry.  “Once Upon a Song” is only $55.  Order it now HERE to guarantee availability.

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Necklace Length: 22″

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Here’s “Once Upon a Time,” if you’d like to hear it.  It’s arguably one of the loveliest musical theatre numbers.


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