My Silver Tibetian Necklace and How it Came to Be

I named this piece “The Re-Cycles of Life,” because of it’s creation story. While making my jewelry, I practice Meditation to help combat chronic pain. And sometimes my pieces “build themselves” when I’m not looking. That’s what seems to have happened with this piece. After it was all put together, I noticed the turquoise face beads were upside down.

All primed to take the necklace apart and fix the “problem,” I decided to show it to my son, Daniel, and see what he thought. Both of us are of the belief that things happen for a reason. And maybe we could see the reason in this.

I started researching “Endless Knot” and learned that among other things, it symbolizes something called Samsara, or the “endless cycles of birth, death and rebirth” within Tibetan Buddhism. And here I have a bead with a face, and below that, a vase or vessel bead. The face bead, which I thought could represent the soul, looks like it’s diving with anticipation, not just falling.  As it would have if it were right side up.  And it’s diving into the vessel (new body)!  Then it circles back to the Samsara, and starts the cycle over again on the other side!

I don’t think there was a “mistake” here at all! I think this is how this necklace wanted to BE!  I was so excited!

Now I had a beautiful story to share!  And you’ll have a story to share also if you get this wonderful necklace.

While I myself am not Buddhist, I honor and respect all faiths and walks of life. And I believe there are some truths in all.

“The Re-Cycles of Life” necklace will add layers of character to your wardrobe. Designed in alluring detail, it features a large embossed silver pendant as the focal. Suspended from a wood bead and gemstone chain, the warm and earthy colors of this piece are what make it so unique. From the moment you wear it, you’ll be intrigued with the exquisite color palette that represents the natural beauty found only in nature. You can wear it with a boho chic summer dress or even business wear to give your favorite outfit a burst of panache. It also makes a remarkable gift idea for a friend or loved one. Order now to guarantee availability.  “Re-Cycles of Life” is only $37.  Order now to guarantee availability.

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