New Work for PHAMALY

I’VE BEEN given permission to sell PHAMALY name necklaces and bracelets during PHAMALY’s production of INTO THE WOODS! I’m so excited! This will be awesome exposure for me and a fundraiser for PHAMALY.

PHAMALY is Denver’s award-winning theatre company which produces professional plays and musicals that exclusively feature actors with all nature of disabilities:
* physical
* cognitive
* intellectual
* emotional


amethyst name braceletIn 1988, I and four friends of mine started this theatre company!  We’re now celebrating our 30th anniversary!  I still pinch myself to believe it’s real.

MY FIRST bracelet pictured is made with petro tourmaline and czech glass beads and sells for $75.

The one below it is made with two different shades of amethyst beads and sells for $40.

Be sure to order your PHAMALY Name Bracelet today HERE!   And your PHAMALY Name Necklace HERE!


IN ADDITION to the beaded name bracelets, I want to try creating some clay pieces inspired by the show.  A challenge for me because all of my clay work is organic.  And my method of creating using meditation doesn’t work with this technique.

Below are photos of what I’ve done so far. All of the pieces will be storybook pendants.

door in treesOn the left is a piece I’m working on with my son, Daniel. It will be several layers of trees in the forest, with a path leading to a door in the center. INTO THE WOODS has many doors in it that play primary roles. So I’m centering my work around these doors.
















Tdoor at nighthe next piece is a door at night with vines around it. Unfortunately, when I went to antique the door my paint went crazy and my door came out all black. It doesn’t stand out against the black background at all. I may trash this one. I put hours of work into it, I’m really sad, you just can’t make out any details.


















baker's doorI decided to start on a new door. This one is taking place during the day. It’s the Baker’s door. You can tell because of the baked goods beside the door. I still want to do vines and flowers, so it may be hard to imagine this one just yet.  It will vines crawling up the door with colorful flowers on it.  Much the same as the one above.

All of them will have a binding, and pages on the inside.


HOPEFULLY, they turn out nice enough to be approved by myself and PHAMALY.  I may just be out of my element.  I have a lot of respect for artists that do this fine claywork.  It is no easy task, let me tell you!  I will forge along, see what I come up with.

Then, I’m going to do an organic piece!  Just for fun and meditation!

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