Spirit Guided

I know you are cautioned against writing about politics and religion.  But my spiritual beliefs are such a big part of who I am, I feel they need to be a part of my Blog too.

I am of the belief that all things happen for a reason.  Yes, even the “bad” things.  We may not see the reasons right away.  Or our egos may blind us to the gifts that are offered.

If I had stayed with the sadness of my Mom’s death, I never would have noticed the gifts that her passing brought too.  Not to say that she died just so these things could happen.  I don’t know the WHY of her death.  But there were gifts.  My Dad, who up to that point had been a bit of a racist, suddenly had a rash of African American neighbors coming to his door with food and support.  He sat down one night in tears, realizing he had been thinking of his community unfairly simply because of the color of their skin.  This was huge for my Dad!  My Mom would have been so proud of him.  He went on to form fairly close friendships with several of those neighbors.

I also formed a much deeper bond with my father.  I spent about four months at his place when I first started having pain.  And we talked.  A lot!  Something I don’t think would have happened if Mom were alive because all of my time would have been spent with her.  She was my best friend.  But after her death, my Dad and I spent quality time.  We cooked and tried new recipes.  We sat outside and watched the stars.  We had deep spiritual conversations about cosmology and universal laws.  I got to know my Dad and see why my Mom fell in love with him. I’ll treasure those experiences for the rest of my life.

I grew up very religiously promiscuous.  I was born and raised a Mormon.  My grandparents drove nearly 200 miles every Sunday to take me to church.  But when I was of age (12 yrs) to be baptized, I told my Mom I thought Joseph Smith had found some funny mushrooms in the forest.  Since she was not a church going person, she supported my choice.

I later visited Catholic, Episcopalian, and Presbyterian churches.  I was baptized a Baptist and participated in the youth group for years.  Later, I studied with Jehovah’s Witnesses.  And now I attend the Mile Hi Church of Religious Science.  My spiritual beliefs are very eclectic.  I enjoy Mile Hi because no one tells me what I have to believe.  I can discover it for myself.

Spirit/God has been involved in my life from the beginning.  And I’ve always had a relationship with my Higher Power, however I recognized It to be.  My grandmother, the Mormon, told me once that it wasn’t important what church I belonged to, as long as I had a personal relationship with God.  That was coming from a very strict Mormon!

How does this apply to Song Sense Jewelry?  I have to remind myself I was brought down this path for a reason.  My Mother-in-Law gave me this gift to use.  When…

  • there are no sales
  • friends don’t comment on my Posts
  • I get Creator’s Block
  • I don’t have the beads I want for a project
  • things go missing in the mail
  • I can’t figure out a code for my Blog
  • I get Writer’s Block
  • I’m tired
  • I’m in pain
  • I don’t want to do this anymore

I have to remember the positive side of it.  The…

  • meditation pain relief while creating – “Trance Jewelry”
  • sense of wonder I experience in seeing my completed creations
  • compliments I receive from people
  • simple joy of creating
  • fulfillment of getting up and doing something
  • computer and jewelry knowledge I have gained
  • fun of giving people gifts
  • healing benefits of being around all of my gems
  • gratification of sharing the craft with friends
  • delight of knowing some people are wearing my jewelry

Other things have happened too that let me know I’m not making a mistake.  One night, Richard invited me to go out to dinner with him.  I really didn’t want to leave the house.  It’s been hard with my pain to go far from home.  But I agreed.  We were leaving IHOP when Zotia approached this lovely lady.  She complimented me on how beautiful she was.  And also said she loved my white hair.  Well, I had to get a jewelry compliment in there somehow!  So I said, “The only thing you haven’t complimented me on is my necklace!”  So she asked to see the piece I was wearing, which was “Sophisticated Holly.”  She and her friend started talking about how great the piece would be for festivals.  She manages art festivals in town!  We exchanged business cards. and the next day I emailed her and sent her a link to my Blog.  She wrote back and said she loved my jewelry.  And my story so inspired her, she invited me to show at two of her Festivals in exchange for two pieces of my jewelry!   Things like that don’t happen in real life!!!  Spirit had my hand and directed me to this woman!  This was one of those miracles I always ask for to remind me Spirit is in charge!  I cannot wait for these Festivals!  Since Spirit is setting this in motion, I can only imagine what else is in store!

Before my jewelry goes to the Festivals, be sure to check them out HERE!

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