Uh Oh! Zotia Ate a Rock!

I’m missing the pitter patter of four little feet.  Zotia, my seven-year-old black lab ate a rock that is now stuck in her intestines. She needed emergency surgery so I had to relinquish her to Planned Pethood Urgent Care.  I recognized Dr. Jeff there, from the show “Rocky Mountain Vet” on the Animal Planet Network. I wonder if he’ll do her surgery today?

I’ve had Zotia since she was six weeks old. What a gift she’s been.  The first time we met, she instinctively knew I couldn’t bend over to pick up things from the floor and offered to get them for me.  She placed the first item in my hand that only has two full fingers, and I dropped it again.  Realizing it was going to be a challenge for me to hold things in that hand, she picked up the item again, and placed it back in my hand, but held it there for a moment letting me get a firm grip on it.  This from a six-week-old puppy! Now when I drop things, she’ll lay them on my lap for me.

She’s so smart! And intuitive too.  I was laying in bed trying to decide if I should get up or lay in bed a while longer and let my meds kick in.  If I was going to stay in bed, I needed Zotia to pass me the remote from the end of the bed.  I thought about it, but never said anything.  I decided to get up and went into the living room to sit on the couch.  And here comes Zotia… carrying the remote!  I never asked her out loud!  It’s like she read my mind!

A while ago Zotia tore both of her CCLs.  She went through rehab and conditioning treatments and does all of her exercises very well. We were out walking one day and she stopped to smell something, like all dogs do.  I told her that she’s “never going to lose any weight if she keeps stopping to smell things.  She needs to ‘exercise walk.'”  You won’t believe this, but she raised her little head and started walking with a proud trot and didn’t stop again for the rest of the walk!  I kept telling her “Good ‘Exercise Walk’ Zotia! Good ‘Exercise Walk’!”  Now when we walk, all I have to say is, “Hey! Let’s do an ‘Exercise Walk'” and she will!  No stopping to smell!

I talk to Zotia a lot during the day.  She must have a vocabulary upward of 900 words that she understands.  And she tries to communicate back in her own way.  She’ll give a light kiss on my nose to tell me “Thank you.”  She talks under her breath when she wants to remind me it’s dinner time or that she has to go outside or she wants to cuddle.  She also will do this to remind me it’s bedtime.  This one is new.  I thought she wanted me to cuddle with her on the couch, but she guided me to the bedroom as if to say, “It’s bedtime Mom! And I can’t go to sleep until you do!”

She plays silly games with her toys when I’m down, just to get me to laugh.  She loves her Woody Woodpecker toy!  And she joins in my excitement with a big bark when I’m happy.  Just to show she’s happy too!  She’s such a joy to be with.  My home feels her void at the moment.

Right now she’s in some cage at Planned Pethood, with an I.V. in her leg wondering why I left her.  And I’m scared.  Going under anesthesia is not without its risks.  I’m trusting Spirit to take care of my little girl. I can’t imagine my life without her.

I’m also very concerned about the bill.  We’ve already paid $300 for blood work and x-rays.  Banfield was kind enough to give us a price break from a quoted $419 total.  And the surgery at Planned Pethood will be between $800 and $1,200, plus taxes and other fees.  My friend has set up a GoFundMe Page asking for $2,000, to be on the safe side.  If you can help in any way it will be appreciated beyond measure!  Zotia is more than my Best Friend.  She is my Angel!  Thank you for your consideration of this matter.  I really do appreciate it!

Visit the GoFundMe Page HERE!

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